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Dirt Transfer Station in Garden Grove

Dirt Removal and Disposal Services

Located in the core of Garden Grove, SoCal Dirt Brokers provides cutting-edge dirt removal services. Our advanced dirt transfer station delivers dependable and efficient disposal solutions for both commercial and residential needs. Dedicated to ecological sustainability, we optimize the disposal process to simplify your project cleanup.

Why Choose our dump site?

We are situated in the heart of Garden Grove, conveniently close to the SR-22 freeway. Our facility is located near major highways, enabling quick drop-offs and reducing interruptions to your projects. This location helps save valuable time and increases your project’s efficiency.


Wide Range of Construction Aggregates

In addition to dirt removal, we offer a wide range of construction aggregates to meet all your needs. Our premium sand is ideal for landscaping projects that demand a refined and attractive finish. Our tough gravel is perfect for road construction, valued for its durability and longevity. We also provide multipurpose rock, suitable for various applications ranging from decorative enhancements to providing foundational support.

Your Partner for Dirt and Material Disposal
Streamline Your Construction Cleanup Today

SoCal Dirt Brokers simplifies your disposal tasks with top-tier machinery and a skilled team, handling the heavy lifting so you can focus on the critical aspects of your construction or landscaping project. Our rapid service and dedication to environmental health ensure you can rely on us without compromising on quality or ecological integrity. Don’t let dirt and material disposal slow your project’s progress. Contact SoCal Dirt Brokers today to discover how we can support your disposal needs and contribute to the success of your projects with our reliable and efficient dirt removal services.


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